'Silvi-Skullpture Series 2011' - Three Waxes

I have decided to create another series of themed bronze Skullptures, and to continue to do so on an annual basis going forward.

Part of the inspiration for this decision came from an invitation to show at the
Algonquin Arts Centre Gallery in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. The Algonquin Arts Centre Gallery is open seasonally from June 1 to mid October each year.

This year the theme for their exhibition and sale is 'The International Year of Forests', which was chosen to coincide with the United Nations initiative of the same name.

I will incorporate forest themes into unique bronze sculptures which will comprise this year's aptly named 'Silvi-Skullpture Series, 2011'.

'Silvi-Skullpture Series, 2011' - three waxes ready for bronze casting - a
The first three waxes have been individually sculpted and delivered to the foundry: two black bear skulls and one wolf skull. Each wax has been created as a unique sculpture, in a one-of-one 'edition'.

The first black bear employs a red oak theme, the second a birch bark theme, and the wolf a pine beetle track set.

I'll be creating more as the year progresses, so stay tuned.

'Silvi-Skullpture Series, 2011' - three waxes ready for bronze casting - b
Sculpting wax is an art unto itself. It has properties which allow: carving (like ivory or antler), melting and fusing (like metal), smoothing and addition (like clay or paint).

You may notice that the wax is differently coloured. The red wax is the purest casting wax and most brittle. The darker waxes have been through the burn out process at least once and contain sprue wax in combination with the casting wax, making for a softer, stickier more malleable wax.

Once the bronzes return from the foundry, I will carve them again, refining existing detail and adding the final design elements and embellishments, before applying the patina and finish.

I have decided to create these sculptures to stand alone without a base, or to hang on a wall with a sturdy nail or hook.

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