'Integration' by Shane Wilson (Discovery and Recovery by Peter Harms)

I will be posting the story here of the discovery and recovery of a massive set of antlers from a rugged Yukon mountain top in September 2002 by Peter Harms. It's quite a tale - Peter is a fair raconteur and bush man, so it will be worth the wait ...

For now, here are some of the pictures he took on his expedition to bring these antlers down from on high.

The antler set will be carved into an abstract masterpiece, entitled 'Integration' which will bring together the two elements of angles and curves which I've used in the 'Duality' sculptures.

Integration - moose skull and skeleton where found

Integration - snow moving in fast

shelter where Peter Harms spent night waiting for plane to remove moose skull and antlers

strapping down moose skull and antlers - 'Integration'

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