'Short Eared Parliament' (Redesign-Lower Left) by Shane Wilson

I erased the triangle-formed nest. The triangles carry no meaning, both in the context of the whole sculptural design and in relation to the nesting behaviour of the Short Eared Owl.

'Short Eared Parliament' - original design, lower left
Short Eared Owls make their nests on the ground, gathering bits of grass and stick into a loose, messy perimeter. The abstract shape that does seem to work in this context is the extended, narrow rectangle.

'Short Eared Parliament' - redesign1, lower left
In the above image, I have added the rectangles under the plane of the eggs and entirely within the border. But I wasn't entirely satisfied with the result.

So I brought the rectangular 'sticks and grasses' up from below the eggs to spill out over the border. I tried closing the circle, but was not satisfied compositionally - it created a barrier for the viewer.

'Short Eared Parliament' - redesign-final, lower left
This arrangement allows the viewer into the sculpture and coincidentally, more closely represents the scattered, almost random nature of the Short Eared Owl nest.

The narrow rectangle is also used as an abstract element in the fence post and oak trees on the upper portion of the left antler.

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