'Eagle on Arrowhead' (Phase 2) by Shane Wilson (Moose Antler Carving)

Eagle on Arrowhead by Shane Wilson, in progress - phase 2 (carved moose antler)

As always, it's fascinating to break new ground. For me, the feather structure of the eagle is new. Especially the upper structure of the feathers on outstreatched wings. In all the reference materials I have collected over the years, there is not one picture of an eagle taken from above! The drawing I generated for this carving was extrapollated from several side shots of eagles in flight with wings down.

In this phase, one wing has been roughed out using straight, or cylindrical, bits. I have attempted to show some irregularity in the feathers - much as a real eagle would look. Most of the painted or carved eagles that I have seen to date are all "perfect". I feel that spoils the naturally wild and powerful feel of the eagle.

The natural curve of the antler has allowed me to curve the tips of the feathers upwards as if the eagle's wings had just reached their zenith and were on their way back down.

Unfortunately, I lost most of the colour on the right wing. I guess some things are only skin deep!

The left side is sketched in and ready to be carved next.
(moose antler carving, moose antler sculpture)

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