'Dawson City Councilor Broaches' (Phase 2) by Shane Wilson (carved mammoth ivory tusk)

I have roughed out all of the broaches, some a little more than others.

The First Nations Broach will feature a running wolf and flying raven, indicating the hectic pace of life for most FN's today. With pressing land claim and self government issues, I may make the background of this broach into a book, indicating the paper nature of much of contemporary FN life.

Dawson City Councilor Broaches - phase2 - by Shane Wilson (carved mammoth ivory tusk)
The carving is basic relief work, with 1/8" bits and smaller. The ivory is a wonderful medium, since it is consistent throughout and allows for high relief and wonderful detail.

The broaches were very difficult to photograph with my digital camera. Please excuse the slight blurriness, since the focal length on the camera was not quite short enough for the purpose. I also tried inverting the broaches to heighten the shadows, but that created a bizarre image when the pics were turned right-side up. It gave the illusion that each carving was reversed - the highest points of relief appeared to be the lowest and vice-versa. I rephotographed everything right-side-up and the results are below.
(mammoth ivory tusk carving, mammoth ivory tusk sculpture)

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