'Dawson City Councilor Broaches', 2000 (Finished) by Shane Wilson (carved mammoth ivory tusk)

Done! The pieces are finished to a satin sheen with 1200 grit sandpaper. I considered using polish, but decided against it in this case. A higher polish on these small carvings would cause them to vanish when photographed by tourists visiting Dawson City, or when the Councillors are having their portraits taken.

Dawson City Councilor Broaches, 2000 - by Shane Wilson (carved mammoth ivory tusk)
In the final phase, the carvings were refined, details and the gold nuggets were added, then sanded using the Dremel, with a sanding attachment I fashioned. Several years ago, T-BO (see link on Links page), taught me how to make this attachment, while he was attending the Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik.

First, take a nail (1/8" dia), cut off the head, then cut a slit into the end. Tear a small rectangle of sandpaper from a commercial sheet, fold it in half lengthwise and insert into slit. Install assembly into the Dremel, and presto, instant sanding wheel. The beauty of this system for rotory sanding is that you can change the grits easily and when the paper wears out, it can be replaced cheaply in seconds.
(mammoth ivory tusk carving, mammoth ivory tusk sculpture)

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