'Big Horns Ram' (Phase 9) by Shane Wilson

I have decided to include the candy cane element on some of the shards, indicative of their place in the path prior to the ram breaking through.

Big Horns Ram, by Shane Wilson - Phase 9a
It is time to begin roughing in the ram's head. The object is to create the head in high relief to give the impression that it is breaking through on a 3/4 angle. This will not be easy as sheep heads are a marvel of weird angles and impossible curves.

Big Horns Ram, by Shane Wilson - Phase 9b
As a first step, I have used a pointy burr to pierce the paper template to give some idea of the placement of the primary structures. It is very easy to lose one's way at this point, so for the next few days I'll take it slowly to allow the 3D image to build and rebuild in my mind.
(big horn sheep horn carving, big horn sheep horn sculpture)

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