Satisfied Patron and Website Expansion

Vancouver. Had brunch today with the Goldsmiths, during which John presented the carving, "Rest and Sing" to his wife Joanna. They both love it.

I have thought of some additions to the website. I will add a Materials page, in which I describe the materials I use and where they come from. Also, a page that describes my philosophy, an Artist’s Statement page. And finally a gratitude page or a Thank You page, in which I'll list people who have assisted in various ways with my art. Perhaps I need to change my domain name to or or

Take Art As Far As I Can

I was asked to do a reading from the Epistles at church. “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Do all for God’s pleasure.”

It seemed to speak to me as I had contemplated on my way up to church about applying my life to this art and to take it as far as I can go. To see life in the long term and not one project at a time, yet to be able to throw myself mightily into each work as though it is my only work.

I have spent a lot of time on the website lately, but it is finally at the level I want it to be. It is my electronic portfolio. Last night I was the 200th visitor since March 12. Not bad!

Now it’s time to get down to the business at hand and finish the wolves/ravens carving. Much work is left to do, but it is taking shape.

Website Live!

What a productive couple of days! The website was up on Monday, search engines registered it on Tuesday.

Stepping into the Digital Age

I arranged with Yukon's internet provider, YKNet, for an internet account and web page site. Derek McKay will use a digital camera to take pictures of 'Grizzly', 'Rest and Sing', 'Fox', 'Monarch III' and 'Killer Whale' for use on the site.

Trading for a Home Page

Derek McKay, a computer whiz and the local video store owner, has agreed to trade the construction of an internet home page for my business for the repainting of his D & M Video store signs. He says the home page can be done in such a way that it can be modified or updated from time to time.

A Web Page, Display Box and Foundry

I have been thinking about creating a web page for the business and have a few ideas. It should include a virtual gallery, with clicking spots for sculpture, paintings, email and ordering. It should show the studio with a web cam and include a section for selected sections of ‘morning pages.’ Too much? I think I’ll leave the idea for a while, and come back to it after I have some momentum and confidence. I think there would also have to be good reason to have a web page: publicity, accountability, interactive art.

At the Whitehorse airport, I noticed the display cases were empty, and I inquired about rental rates. They rent for $600 to $750 dollars per year. A good idea for displaying art work?

I visited a bronze foundry in Langley, called 'Trio Bronze', while staying in the lower B.C. mainland over Christmas. An inspiring experience! (Trio Bronze is now called 'In Bronze'. It is the foundry at which I cast all of my bronze pieces.)