Star Trek Stoic?

I awoke at 5 am to see the Hale-Bop comet but was disappointed by clouds.

When I went back to sleep I dreamt of church and politics, evangelical hatred verses the positive values taught by Jesus. And I wondered about faith.

Faith which allows free thought and exploration of life often must live outside the institution. Yet institutions form the pillars of civilization. When societies become “enlightened” and move toward the individual, death of the society and chaos seem to follow. This is a strange consequence for such an elevated good.

Perhaps the “Star Trek” philosophy, a form of Stoicism, is a better model for society going forward, where duty is mixed with creative problem solving and individual growth?

Star Trek Wisdom

I saw the last bit of a Star Trek: Next Generation episode yesterday. It must have been an early episode because the acting was very bad.

However, when Worf expressed the oft-repeated pearl that a warrior’s true battle is in the heart, that to gain control of the self is the most difficult of battles, I was struck afresh by the notion that we don’t achieve our goals by magic, but by self-control.

Obvious, yes, but it takes on fresh significance for me in my current position for there will be few if any sources of external control.