First Request for Use of Carving Image

Received a call today from the Sculpture Forum Magazine, regarding the use of Robin Armour's photograph of 'Duality' in a pamphlet that they are creating to advertize their magazine. I agreed to its use.

Cover Art Potential

Ray Pilon, photographer from the Lee Valley Catalogue, likes the images I sent of my carvings, and he will get back to me on their use for one of the covers of an upcoming catalogue.

Demo at Gallery

It’s been quite a day for Canada at the Olympics, winning two gold and two silver medals including Donovan Bailey’s record-breaking 100-meter dash!

I demonstrated working on my art at Yukon Native Products again today with mixed feelings. I've been struggling with price, but decided to have confidence in myself and price the stuff as fairly as I can, while keeping a vision of what I want to accomplish so that I am not sidetracked by petty criticism. Actually, there was no criticism today, really. People liked my stuff, they just weren’t buying. The printed promotional materials are good, though I may have printed a little too many artist’s statements and bios.

And I’ve made a start on 'Grizzly'.