Tempted by Manual Labour

Yesterday I took the Yukon College class I am teaching up to the mine for a tour. I really enjoyed working there before, but would I consider working there again? The place draws me like a narcotic - the thought of working there, of belonging, of doing something not held in distain by the majority of people here.

But what about all this?

Do we need the money? What about the money from carving? Where are my values?

Strange how, for me, town work and life seem artificial compared to work at the mine. I wonder why? Is it because mining is a primary activity: basic, real, foundational for our society? Without the primary harvesting of resources, whether big or small, civilization would not exist.

Perhaps the narcotic for me is being where the action is, being rooted, being extraordinarily common - how far away from the work of priest, counsellor, teacher, artist.