A Perfect Day

My daughter Ceilidh and I went sledding over by the power plant today. Ceilidh made some tomato soup which we drank after a few runs. We appreciated the view over the bluff, watched ravens play in the biting wind, felt cheeks and chins freeze, and sledded some more. The dogs had a great time too, chasing us down the hill and following the odd rabbit scent trails.

I spoke with Ceilidh about appreciating each day, each sunset and shared a few stories about sunsets with my Dad on our property near Echo Bay, Ontario.

We watched the sunset together on the bluff overlooking the Pelly Valley, then descended the hill on our last sled of the day. On the walk back to the car, I pulled Ceilidh on my sled while she pulled her own.

A perfect day.

Art Work as Play

What a great insight Julia Cameron has about artistic work. She recommends we consider it not work but play.

Because of a need to be perfect in my art, I have lost any sense of play.

However, I have been trying on the idea of "making a date with my artistic child to play" and it has great merit. If I say to myself, "Let's play at this today," even the most daunting task becomes a joy.