Peace After Creation

This is the best time of all for me.

Now that the sculpture, 'Rest and Sing', is standing and has its basic finish, it’s alive and ready to fly on its own. It has life, a life that may exceed those of my great great grandchildren.

I am experiencing a peaceful quiet feeling, a contentment. The birth is over, or nearly so, and the new life is begun.


Found Dream Frees

I am down at the Yukon River in Whitehorse. It is 10:30 pm and cool with a slight breeze, but very peaceful. It is easy to be optimistic here. Life has a fullness and a beauty at these moments that is unparalleled.

Once a dream is found, it frees the dreamer. Things click into place and there is a clarity, simplicity and energy about life.

From Con Carlson's Funeral Sermon

Lesson learned from Con: In the hustle and bustle of life we often forget what is important to us. Life has a way of distracting, enticing, seducing us to do and be something we are not. Forces and dependencies and needs motivate us to strive after things "they" believe are important. We lose that sense of peace within ourselves to be replaced with anxiety, worry - "will I do enough, be enough, succeed enough?"

At the moment of our deaths - and make no mistake we all will die - what really matters is what we think and feel about our lives. Am I happy with my life? Am I at peace with myself? If our answer to these questions, if asked right now, is "no" then something is wrong. Fix it. Find peace.