At Eight and Eighty from Year Thirty Four

Time Travel Exercises from The Artist's Way: 'Describe Yourself at Eighty and also at Eight'

I think of myself at eight. The whole world was ahead of me, but rarely did I stop to think about where I wanted to be at thirty-four. To an eight year old, thirty-four is forever away. I remember wanting to be thirteen so I could drive! I remember playing with friends and trying to look older by wrinkling my eyes. Teenagers were impossibly sophisticated and way out of reach, and to be thirty-four? Unthinkable!

When I think of being eighty and looking back, I used to think I would say to myself, "Experience life. Live to the full." Partly because eighty is a lifetime away for me now, it is just as unthinkable. But thirty-four has come to this eight year old and so too will eighty. Now both ages say to me, "Make something of your life. Choose something and stick to it."

There are many great paths. Too many, perhaps? My parents encouraged me by saying that I could do anything. But not to choose something is to wander, to do nothing.

I choose sculpture.