My Airport Display Case

I had an idea today for the inside of my rented display case at the Whitehorse International Airport. I’ve noticed that the carvings tend to disappear visually, because the viewer can look through the clear case into the busy airport waiting area behind. I’m going to create a black screen that will cover the back two sides of the Plexiglas case in order to highlight the sculpture within.

Organization and Marketing with Terry Prince

Had my first meeting today with Terry Prince from Elk Grove, California. Terry is a professional organizer who has agreed to help with my marketing efforts.

An Advertizing Strategy

1. Internet website, $400. This will be my centrepiece. It will be interactive and accessible to all. Should I purchase a domain name?

2. Public display of work, $1000. Need a place for a single display. Whitehorse airport? Display current work till the next work is complete.

3. Telephone advertising, $540. Advertise in the phone directories, Yukon and SE Alaska. May need to look at cutting SE Alaska if no business.

4. Ads in local magazines. A: Tourist Guide, $50. B: Hunter Regulations, $150.

5. CD Rom Phone Directory, $199, through Halo Enterprises.

Total advertising cost -- $2339.

A Web Page, Display Box and Foundry

I have been thinking about creating a web page for the business and have a few ideas. It should include a virtual gallery, with clicking spots for sculpture, paintings, email and ordering. It should show the studio with a web cam and include a section for selected sections of ‘morning pages.’ Too much? I think I’ll leave the idea for a while, and come back to it after I have some momentum and confidence. I think there would also have to be good reason to have a web page: publicity, accountability, interactive art.

At the Whitehorse airport, I noticed the display cases were empty, and I inquired about rental rates. They rent for $600 to $750 dollars per year. A good idea for displaying art work?

I visited a bronze foundry in Langley, called 'Trio Bronze', while staying in the lower B.C. mainland over Christmas. An inspiring experience! (Trio Bronze is now called 'In Bronze'. It is the foundry at which I cast all of my bronze pieces.)

Doubts Reinforced

In the midst of an art marketing workshop in Atlin, B.C., Canada:

I have been stressed lately about my ability to do art for a living. I know that it is largely a psychological block, but it is very hard to get past. Again, I take refuge in the fact that I can make art despite the stress and, in doing so, the stress often goes away.

But the workshop has not helped. I was informed by Larry Garfinkle, one of the facilitators, that people will not buy my stuff outside of the Yukon. Apparently, artworks created with antler, ivory and horn are mostly an "up here" thing, with the exception of native art.

This does not have to be.

Step in the Right Direction

I have decided to go to the three day arts business workshop in Atlin, even though it might make my work life at the College a little more complicated.