Making a Life

On waking, my first thoughts were that I have been watching too much TV, that I need to fashion my own life and not enjoy others’ fantasies or lives as a spectator.

Whitley Striebler talks about a realm (heaven?) where myriad souls form a tapestry of their life-experience for all to enjoy.

By watching so much TV, what new material will we add to this tapestry? Will our souls exhibit a bland sameness? After all, we have watched the same programs, listened to the same music, gone to the same movies and heard the same news.

Maybe that’s why TV is so addictive? Cheap experiences, situations, pain, love, hate, rage, hurt, wonder, mystery for the price of admission. Could I be so blind not to see that life lived with love and hard work isn’t the better way? It is hard and slow, but it is real.

The power of the universe, the creative energy, is love, and we can turn it on. We can produce it. We are small generators of the universal fabric. That is why life itself supports us when we love and give ourselves in love.