Art Work as Play

What a great insight Julia Cameron has about artistic work. She recommends we consider it not work but play.

Because of a need to be perfect in my art, I have lost any sense of play.

However, I have been trying on the idea of "making a date with my artistic child to play" and it has great merit. If I say to myself, "Let's play at this today," even the most daunting task becomes a joy.

Treating Self As Precious Object

"We only have a chance of accomplishing that which we actually do." Mike Mentzer

Though Mike advocates a punishing routine to accomplish his goals (he is a body builder), Julia Cameron speaks about treating ourselves as precious objects. She explains that "treating myself like a precious object will make me strong."

How do I treat myself as precious?

I value the time I have and don't waste it on junk activities that clutter and take away from what is important.

God as Fellow Artist

Julia Cameron writes that God does not think our ideas for art trivial. She thinks God is an artist and artists like fellow artists. I've wondered about this for years, often thinking of God as an artist, but in doing so, found my own work trivial and crude by comparison.

Beginning of Morning Pages

Today is my first day of 'Morning Pages'. I have found the first chapter of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way quite freeing. Framing art as a positive alternative/choice with successful options is a giant mental leap and one well worth taking. I have decided to simplify my life and concentrate on art. I have told the Church Board that I will be resigning from the church this spring.