Moving Past Artist Block

The last few days I have been blocked, but went into the studio last night to have a look at the horn and saw a number of places for improvement. I think I will get the definition I need when I finish the eyes and refine the legs and finish the rocks - two layers at the back and three on the front.

Two Hours To Creative Freedom?

After the video, I slipped into the workshop and began. Two hours later, I emerged. Midnight. It felt so good.

I can see the end of the horn carving now. It does not seem to be a medium that will hold detail exceptionally well because of the hair structure of the horn.

When in the process of creating, I could work forever. It is indeed timeless. However I notice that after two hours, I tend to get a little careless. Yet this is the point when I begin to make cuts and shapes freely. Perhaps this is the time barrier to creative freedom?

After carving, I watched another library video on working in metal and stone. There are yet many great carvers in the world. I too can be one. I too am one.

There is more than enough room for all art in the world, even my own.