Limiting Beliefs

I did a little work yesterday, and watched a lot of TV. The infomercials generally don’t catch my eye, but I watched Anthony Robbins’ half hour blurb. He sees hope based on passion, loosely defined. I am a little skeptical about the cult mentality that seeks out gurus who have 'the answers', though Robins does say some good things.

Robbins differentiates between motivation and passion: motivation fades but passion lasts.

He also refers to the power of limiting beliefs, explaining that we grow to the limits of our imagination and are limited in our growth by our limiting beliefs.

While swimming laps in the pool this morning, I thought about his words and wondered about my own passions and limiting beliefs. My passion is art, sculpture; my limiting beliefs are a little less clear.

I think one limiting belief is that I do not deserve to be successful, that I do not think I can be successful now or ever. I postpone my success to some future date so as not to be disappointed.

Another limiting belief may be that I shouldn’t plan for the future, as it either implies some kind of lack of trust in the present or more probably an unwillingness on my part to exclude any possibilities that might arise.

A limiting belief that I heard growing up “if you could make money at that, someone would have already thought about it, and would be doing it.”

A limiting belief from the Bible might be "there is nothing is new under the sun” - a real killer for creative types. But what about other lessons from the Bible? “Greater things than these shall ye do” or “Sing a new song”?

Poor Investment

Listening to the radio, it seems like there are more and more references to the environmental meltdowns affecting our long term future. One commentator said this morning that the likelihood of people accumulating a million dollars in an RRSP and actually being able to use it in 2020 was remote.