Poor Investment

Listening to the radio, it seems like there are more and more references to the environmental meltdowns affecting our long term future. One commentator said this morning that the likelihood of people accumulating a million dollars in an RRSP and actually being able to use it in 2020 was remote.

My Ideal Work-Live Environment

The latest exercise in The Artist's Way asks me to envision my ideal work-live environment.

My ideal environment is wilderness - in fact right where I am currently living in Faro, Yukon. My favourite season is Fall. There is a magic atmosphere in Fall when things are changing - smells, colours, anticipation of the first snow.

I love a warm, sunny, Fall day - remembering Johnson Lake, lying in the grass and leaves on the hill by the shore and watching Miranda and the kids sail and canoe on the lake. There is a stillness and beauty in such days, moments in eternity.