Snowing and Down at Week's End

It's the end of the day, Friday. A wet snow is descending happily upon us, enclosing us for the weekend.

How am I feeling? A little lost right now. Tired at the end of the week, mostly. I feel as though I am trying to build a life on quicksand. As fast as I build, it sinks into oblivion. I must have faith in myself - one day, one project at a time.

Writing has a way of helping to focus my thoughts in a linear fashion, instead of them banging around inside my head all at once. These words are my lifeline, constantly saving me from drowning in a sea of self preoccupation and internal chaos.

I would like to try art again this evening after vacuuming.

Weathering Emotional Storms

Emotional storms will come and go like the weather. If I am to succeed, I'll need to walk my plan on rainy days, sunny days, cloudy, stormy, snowy and freezing days.

There is a strength that comes with perseverance that I want for myself.