Eagle Takes Flight

A rather delightful observation today regarding the eagle carving, 'Eagle On Arrowhead'. It seems that everyone who has seen it so far has wanted to fly it, to swing it on an imaginary arc through the air as an eagle would soar. What a lovely compliment to the lifelike nature of the carving, and a relief for me, from the fear of tackiness so associated with eagle art.

Five New Commissions

Five new commissions!

Miriam Kaytor would like me to carve an eagle on an arrowhead for her husband, Tony, as a graduation present ($500). I just finished showing Richard Olson around, and he settled on a moose skull with an abstract pattern ($2000). It should be a lot of fun. Pippa Atwood has ordered a grizzly bear in soapstone ($1000 plus materials). She wants him fairly large, about 18 inches to 2 feet high. Mom and Dad have ordered a small mammoth ivory sculpture ($500) and Douglas and Jane Kim have ordered a carving on either a caribou or a moose antler ($1500).

I feel honoured and happy.