Some Ideas About My Style

Do I have a style? I’ll create and remain open and let the style find me.

I like dramatic design, clean lines. People seem to like Monarch III, which I created recently. It features abstract planes and lines. To me this is very exciting because the design comes from within. It gives me confidence to pursue it further as a design idea.

I have an idea to create a monumental sculpture representing our time in history, particularly our time in history at the year 2000, the millennium. The year 2000 is not that far away, but it will be a pivotal year in the life of the planet during my lifetime. I am a millennium artist. In this sculpture I will remember who we have been as humanity, emphasize who we are, and hint at who we might become.

I’d like to learn about casting and foundry work.

Some Design Ideas

Shane's design ideas for hands on mammoth tusk. (March 1996)
(Hands in various postures along a tusk or sheep horn ...)

Shane's design ideas for patterns on antler, horn, ivory. (March 1996)
(Carvings with several small designs, patterned across the medium: hands, abstract ...)