Lee Valley - Cover Photos and Carver's Bench

Following Ray Pilon's, Lee Valley Cover photoshoot of 'Celtic Confusion' and 'Dall Sheep 1' in Ontario, the sculptures were shipped back to the Lee Valley Store in Vancouver, where I picked them up today. Ray included two large format transparencies, one of each sculpture, in gratitude for the use of my work. They are spectacular, beautifully lit and razor sharp. The man is a genius. (Ray Pilon's website)

While at the Lee Valley outlet, I noticed they had the brand new Veritas Carver's Bench on display. Perfect for my work in so many ways as I'd hoped, I bought it, the first one purchased in Western Canada, complete with a variety of clamps created specifically for the table. Heaven!

Next Steps on the Lee Valley Cover

I heard today again from Ray Pilon, from Lee Valley Tools. He has received the go-ahead on the catalogue cover. We discussed shipping two sculptures to his studio in Ottawa, so that he can take the photographs for the January-March 1999 cover.