Art, Time and The Idea

Further thoughts about art - I have had more ideas for animal groups, with tangle blocks, lines, circles et cetera for background, or as part of the surface texture of the animals.

I’ll start tracking the time I spend on each piece.

It occurred to me yesterday that the creative process is central to an artist. Technique is secondary, secondary because it can be worked on and improved, whereas the 'idea' is that from which all else flows.

Committed to Carry On

I’ve decided to place advertisements for my art business in the phone directory. It will be costly, but they might help pave the way for exhibitions later on. This means that I am committed to carrying on. I'll begin work on the show. I still haven’t decided what the theme will be, but it will have something to do with overlapping shapes, groups, emotions, tangles.

Ideas for Work

Carve details into moose antler base and sides in all pieces, which serves to unify theme (intricate and abstract). Possibly also a good way to do caribou antlers: in abstract curves, threads, cubes, etc.