Failing to Impress

I think I was hoping to impress Ruth McCullough from the Yukon Arts Branch with the horn carving, but no such luck. "That must have taken a lot of time," she said, somewhat absently. Oh well.

Jerry Kortello came to her portfolio workshop tonight "to coast", but worked a bit and wrote an artist's statement. Ruth learned that Jerry had a BFA and expressed an interest in his clay train sculptures, so we set up a rendezvous at Jerry's for beer after the workshop. When she saw his 'Decision Making Train', she exclaimed, "This is the best, most creative work in the Territory!"

Ruth is now keen to have Jerry create a work for the wall in the new tourist information complex in downtown Whitehorse.

I feel a little let down personally, but am really pleased for Jerry. I hope he pursues the idea. I guess I also feel a little inadequate as an artist. I have not been through art school and this seems important for establishing credibility in official circles.