Northern Encounters '99 Invite

I received a call today from Bob Kussy, a sculptor from the Northwest Territories whom I met this summer at the Great Northern Arts Festival. He says that there is a new arts festival being planned for Toronto in July of 1999. It will be a circumpolar arts festival, called Northern Encounters '99. It is to be organized by a company called Sound Streams. The contact is Lawrence Cherney. I contacted Lawrence, as per Bob’s instructions, and he said the festival is a bi-annual event. It includes visual art, dance, theatre and music from across the circumpolar north. The emphasis is on northern, native and Inuit art. I have been invited to attend.

Inuvik Arts Festival, 1998

Things have been going well so far at the Inuvik Arts Festival. One of the sales people said that there has been a serious inquiry by a person who buys each year for someone else who can’t make it. The person in question saw the piece on the internet and asked for it specifically. Wow, it seems like the advertising and web stuff works!

It has been good to get away from Faro. I have met so many interesting people here:

A photographer from Vancouver, Peter Timmermans, is up doing a shoot on the Dempster for Canada Post and their highway series of stamps. We had some wonderful chats, and he carved a few things with my tools. (The festival asks artists to share their skills with other artists and the general public in attendance.)

A painter from Ireland, Cathy Henderson, over to sketch the Festival and its artists, did a watercolour of me at work on 'Candle Ice'.

A retired art teacher from New York, who I chatted with at length on the boat trip from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean; both he and Peter Timmermans suggested “going where the money is,” with the carvings if they don’t sell here.

I have especially enjoyed working with other carvers, including Maureen Morris and Bob Kussy, with whom I shared a carving tent.

The organizers and volunteers and all the rest have been super, not to mention the people attending the Festival. What a blast, just talking with people as they tour the Festival. It has certainly been worth it.