Set Sights on a Star

We had a big bonfire at Johnson Lake last night, and watched the comet, Mars, which is very close, and saw things like Pleiades, the crab nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, two million light years away. It was a glorious time. Dick Fast brought his binoculars, 10 power with lots of light gathering capability. I saw worlds I never knew existed.

The latest National Geographic has an article on the new Hubble telescope. Light from 11 million years of travel, galaxies where nothing seemed to be before, fantastic phenomenon beyond my wildest imagination, all simply unbelievable.

My art is going through a bit of a funny period right now; last week I actually wished for a job with people so I didn’t have to face the difficult nature of creation. It was passing, but still noteworthy. My horizons are so limited and close, yet I had a glimpse of doing art for a long time and creating all kinds of interesting things, having plenty of time for all my designs and more.

In the midst of a piece sometimes that’s all I see, and so my world looks crude while the piece is so. Alternatively, my world looks great when the piece starts to look great.

It occurred to me last night that I need to set my sights on a distant and unmoveable star. With regard to carving, my commitment is “to show up.” The rest will take care of itself.