Doubts Reinforced

In the midst of an art marketing workshop in Atlin, B.C., Canada:

I have been stressed lately about my ability to do art for a living. I know that it is largely a psychological block, but it is very hard to get past. Again, I take refuge in the fact that I can make art despite the stress and, in doing so, the stress often goes away.

But the workshop has not helped. I was informed by Larry Garfinkle, one of the facilitators, that people will not buy my stuff outside of the Yukon. Apparently, artworks created with antler, ivory and horn are mostly an "up here" thing, with the exception of native art.

This does not have to be.

Step in the Right Direction

I have decided to go to the three day arts business workshop in Atlin, even though it might make my work life at the College a little more complicated.