Motivation Within

I rented a video and went to bed early last night. No carving. However, I thought a lot about carving.

I read a little from The Artist’s Way. It’s a comfort to know that others experience artist’s block too.

I thought about my lack of will, my escapist desire to be elsewhere, anywhere "the action is", and realized that this is the challenge I'll need to face next in life. I will need to find motivation, guidance and power within to live creatively.

Still Blocked, Need Focus

I could not carve yesterday. I am still blocked - what is it? I think, for starters, that I am panicked or overwhelmed by the expectations I have for myself. When I go into the workshop now, rather than just seeing one project, I see many and it's hard to make a start. I need to develop a selective focus. I set too much for myself to do then get lost in the vast amount of tasks and do nothing. Like I do at work, I need to bring one project or task to completion before moving on.

(Later) I feel good about the carving I did tonight. The horn is beginning to look finished.

Moving Past Artist Block

The last few days I have been blocked, but went into the studio last night to have a look at the horn and saw a number of places for improvement. I think I will get the definition I need when I finish the eyes and refine the legs and finish the rocks - two layers at the back and three on the front.

Blocked Artists Blame?

It's funny how some days I get up and feel enthusiasm right away - other days it feels like I've been hit by a large truck. I guess it depends what one wakes up for - what one is looking forward to.

Maybe there are many blocked artists who use others to do their blocking for them. It's easy to blame - harder to do.