Wisdom from Mary Pratt

I feel refreshed and energized in a quiet way this morning.

Adrienne Clarkson featured Mary Pratt on her show last night. I enjoyed it very much.

Mary uses slides for her paintings like I do, except more so. She paints off a slide initially to gain an outline, then uses an "inboard" slide projector to work from as she fills in her work.

She says that the first while is the hardest, filling in colours and values, etc. Often she feels tempted to give up on a piece, until she reaches the final stage where it begins to look like she wants it to, then she can play, adding highlights and touches, "bringing out this and pushing back that."

Very exciting!

She talked about the inspiration for her painting coming from "her world" and not trying to "keep up" with the art scene.

Mary also talked about the importance of light and darkness in her works, both as values and as clues about life. She doesn't feel it is possible to truly make art unless a person is in touch with both of these sides of themselves. She talked about noticing the dark and the many shades, colours and textures which it contains.

The reference slides she chooses to create her paintings must be utterly captivating to her, otherwise, the long hours needed to complete a work would be unbearable.

Adriene Clarkson Interviews Robertson Davies

Adrienne Clarkson interview with Robertson Davies: she quotes Carl Jung as saying that from the middle years on, having come to grips with our upbringing - good or bad, we should address the true task of our lives.

Davies says life is not about conclusions - that describes death - rather, life is dynamic, moving, now. Such a life cannot end.