Not So Long Lengths - Part II

During my swimming time this morning I again thought through my life during the laps. I was struck again by the shortness of my life so far. Thirty five years is a very short time to be conscious.

I was also struck by the arbitrary way certainty and certainties became a part of my thinking. Perhaps it is because of the shortness of life that we adopt certain values and attitudes as certainties by necessity and without reflection, so that we can function - equivalent to instinct or instinct’s function in animals? Is university a place where youthful certainties are challenged? Or are the certainties of youth simply replaced by the dogmas of professors?

As we mature, we see things more clearly as they are, but early acquired certainties are ever hard to disregard.

I finished mounting the Dall Sheep Horn carving onto its newly completed base yesterday. Exhilarating!