Tea with Maureen Morris

(Maureen Morris is an extraordinary antler carver, living in Atlin, British Columbia, Canada)

Maureen's studio is currently located inside her funky log home, close to the road which runs along the shores of Atlin Lake, just north of downtown. The place is something to behold! There are bones everywhere, inside and out. Antler dust lies inches deep in the studio, thick, thick, thick, representing so much amazing work, so much creativity!

She'll soon move the studio out of the house and into a new building further back on the property, on the crest of a small rise. It's a much larger space and it commands a wonderful view of Atlin Lake.

Maureen takes summers off to work her large greenhouse, located just behind the house, and what a greenhouse! A paradise of wonderful humidity bearing the sweet smells of all the beautiful plants she grows.

I told Maureen that I admired the dedication she brought to her art. She demurred, explaining that it was easy, she was "just selfish." I reflected that her "selfishness" has given a lot of people pleasure.