'Silvi-Skullpture Series - Wolf, Pine Beetle Galleries' by Shane Wilson
carved bronze wolf skull sculpture
(25x14x8 cm - 1/1 - private collection)

A skull represents the absolute triumph of life in an incomprehensibly vast universe - a positive statement which gives evidence of and celebrates existence, inherently beautiful. It offers the unique, ‘living’ armature upon which I create my Skullpture, giving form to my thoughts and feelings about existence, consciousness, and meaning.

The bronze ‘Silvi-Skullpture Series’ takes ‘Forests’ as its primary theme and employs design elements of trees native to Algonquin Park worked into animal skulls, also native to the Park, to symbolize the symbiotic relationship between the forests and much of life on this planet.

Each of the 'Skullpture Series' themed bronze skulls are individually created in wax and cast in bronze as unique (1 of 1) sculptures with hot patina colouration. The bronzes are available singly or as a unique set. The Skullptures are free-standing (no base) and can be displayed easily in the home or office, on a shelf, mantle, table or desk.

'Wolf, Pine Beetle Galleries' combines the wolf skull cast with a patterning left by the pine beetle on a red pine log. Both wolf, beetle and tree are native to Algonquin Park.

Grey wolf in Algonquin Park. Yellow pine log with pine beetle tracks.

If you would like to see how the Skullpture Series is created, work in progress notes and images are available here. If you would like to see images from the 2011 Gala Opening Show at the Algonquin Art Centre, click here. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.