Fire at the Canada Games Centre, Whitehorse

Yukon Seasons in case, post CWG Centre fire.

On Friday June 24, 2011 the Canada Winter Games Centre in Whitehorse, Yukon experienced a fire which caused extensive smoke and water damage throughout the facility. There are several works of art displayed in the facility, including two of mine: "Yukon Seasons, 2003" and "Yukon Torch, 2007". Conservator Valery Monahan and Yukon Art Collection Curator, Garnet Muething inspected the art for damage. Valery sent the following regarding Yukon Seasons and the Yukon Torch:

"I was up at the Canada Games Centre today with Yukon Government Art Curator, Garnet Muething.  We made a brief tour/ initial assessment of the damage/impact to the public art from YG’s collection.  I thought you should know that your pieces are looking good, when you consider they had a sooty fire put out by overhead sprinklers.
Sprinkler heads close to Yukon Seasons
did not activate, because the piece was some distance from the the fire. This means no extreme heat and no water coming from above! The exhibit case did an excellent job of keeping air-born soot away from the sculpture. When Garnet and I looked in, Yukon Seasons looked quite normal:  cream-coloured with all the polished surfaces reflecting light nicely back at us. See pictures attached.
We took a look at the Winter Games Yukon Torch as well. This piece is even further from the fire’s location. Airborne soot was really the only potential problem for it, I would say, and the exhibit case appears to have blocked any soot that drifted to that section of the building."

Thanks to all who wrote expressing concern and to Garnet and Val and the staff of the Canada Winter Games Centre for their prompt response.

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