'Shane Wilson: Honouring the Power of Wildlife', Editorial by Todd Wilkinson - Trophy Rooms Around the World, Vol. 15, 2010

Trophy Rooms from Around the World: An Idea and Source Book, Vol. 15, 2010 - cover

Todd Wilkinson has written the following editorial on Shane Wilson and his art for Trophy Rooms Around the World, Vol. 15, an annual book published by and available from Pro Guide Publishing.

Todd is an award-winning professional journalist who has covered stories from around the world for the last quarter century. In 2009 he co-founded the online art magazine,
Wildlife Art Journal. He is also the author of several books, including the authorized biographies of sculptor Kent Ulberg and U.S. media mogul Ted Turner.

Shane Wilson: Honouring the Power of Wild Life, by Todd Wilkinson - p156,7
Trophy Rooms Around the World, Vol. 15, 2010 (pages 156, 157)

They stir up something deep within us—a mystery that cannot be explained in words. It could be the palmate shape of a moose antler that fans the flames, or the tusk of an Ice Age woolly mammoth, or the ivory gleam of a near-mythological narwhal inscribed with symbolism that reads like an ancient petroglyph.
Seeing them on the wall or under protective case, it is our sublime delight—and the artist’s challenge issued to us—to try and decode the hidden messages.     

Art and nature form a breathtaking confluence in the extraordinary, evocative portfolio of Canadian carver-sculptor Shane Wilson. “For me, the message is all about who we are as people today,” Wilson says.  “We live in a world of intriguing duality.”