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February 9, 2015
Shane Wilson and The Artist Project Announce Partnership
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia/Whitehorse, Yukon – Acclaimed sculptor Shane Wilson and The Artist Project (TAP) announce today they have formed a partnership to market Wilson’s one of a kind sculpture, “Ahead of the Curves.”

“I am very excited to work with The Artist Project team as I move my career to a new level,” says Wilson. “I want to dedicate time to creating and bringing my vision to life; having a team to look after the marketing and business side of things is a huge advantage moving forward. “

The partnership will focus initially on Wilson’s new piece, ‘
Ahead of the Curves’. This intricate sculpture is the first in a series of works Wilson has envisioned creating for more than two decades. It’s a delicately carved 'weaving' of moose antler, a process that requires experimentation, exploration and vision to complete.

Due to the unique nature of the art,
TAP will develop an interactive web site, detailing the rich evolution of ‘Ahead of the Curves’. The site will offer a rare invitation into the world of Wilson’s imagination, through story, images, technique and interviews.

“‘Ahead of the Curves’
represents a new direction for me. It’s not a commissioned piece, but one born from imagination,” says Wilson. “As it evolves, it challenges me to experiment with new techniques which can be very demanding yet, at same time, creative, absorbing and satisfying.”

“We have admired Shane’s work for a long time and we are thrilled to be working with him on this project,” says Susan Stanley, President of
TAP. “Shane creates exquisite one of a kind sculpture from a medium that is uniquely northern, and it’s a real privilege for us to help him showcase his art.”

Wilson’s work ( can be found in luxury hotels, including the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, government buildings, corporate offices and private collections around the world.

Susan Stanley
867-668-2259 (Office)
867- 336-4896 (Mobile)

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Contest - From the Sculptor's Point of View

During the months of November and December, I ran a little contest, appropriately called, “From the Sculptor’s Point of View”. The object of the contest was to identify the particular sculpture from which a close up, black and white image was cropped. The close up represents my point of view, as each sculpture is painstakingly rendered.

A fresh close up was posted each day, first to Instagram, then shared to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Everyone who guessed correctly and posted the name of the sculpture, with the link to it on my Gallery Page, was entered into the monthly draw. Individuals could post answers on any platform.

It was a lot of fun, with great participation, comments and, for myself, a chance to look closely again at a significant portion of my work.

There were two winners, one for each month. For their prize, they chose from amongst the items on my page: prints, canvases, cards or device skins. Both winners chose fine art prints.

Jeanné Fox with 'Seahorses' by Shane Wilson

November winner, Jeanné Fox, chose the fine art print, ’Seahorses’ from Nuvango. She enthused upon receiving her prize, “I’m in love with your ‘Seahorses’ and will treasure the print!”

'Seahorses' by Shane Wilson (Nuvango fine art print)

December winner, Phil Tillotson (at the Centre Pompidou, France) chose the fine art print, ‘Black Bear 2’ from Nuvango.

Phil Tillotson (at the Centre Pompidou, France) chose the fine art print, ‘Black Bear 1’ from Nuvango.

On receiving his prize, Phil commented on Facebook,
“There's an amazing new piece on our walls today thanks to my very talented friend Shane Wilson. Stands alone as a bronze black bear skull and from ten feet away takes on an Art Neuveaux flair! Thank you Shane - brilliant as always!”

The fine art print, ‘Black Bear 2’ by Shane Wilson from Nuvango.

Thank you once again to all who took part!

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Post Contemporary Art

I have joined a new, broadly conceived movement in the art world, a movement whose fresh tenets align with my own.

'Alces Madonna' by Shane Wilson

It is time to reaffirm made art as objects of human value, as something good, something fine. It is time to restore beauty, transcendence and timelessness to objects made, artfully sprung from the human soul.

Doing so serves a larger purpose: it restores a sense of hope for the future; a resolve to move past the impending apocalypse caused by our collective weight and waste on the planet.

To make a better way.


Richard Thomas Scott distinguishes the intention of Post Contemporary from the current scene,

“Since ‘Contemporary Art’ is defined as: Art which owes its foundation to post-modernism, and whose concepts focus primarily on transient issues of the present moment - as opposed to simply "art being created within our lifetime"...

Then Post Contemporary is a separate paradigm whose primary concepts address the
timeless, eternal, and the human condition.

In contrast with the pre-modernists, i.e. before the 20th century, the post contemporary is concerned with re-constructing meaningful traditions, that were deconstructed in the post-modern paradigm... not necessarily in the same form as before, but
drawing upon an unprecedented access to knowledge of every era in history.

Though it draws upon the traditions of the past and is in continuity with the past, it is

He goes on to explain that, “’Post contemporary’ is not owned or originated by any individual. It is ... a philosophically driven paradigm shift within which many movements may take place - like modernism and post-modernism before it.”

As a beginning Graydon Parrish suggests that Post Contemporary Art consist of the following broad attributes:

1. Skill - “Contemporary art erased skill. It is vital to Post Contemporary.”

2. Beauty - “While it is difficult to find a universal beauty that will satisfy everyone, it does no good to erase the word. We all have experienced it and we understand the difference between it and ugliness. Furthermore, beauty can be a perspective. One can approach the world seeking it and find it in unexpected places.”

3. Humanism - “The outlook that people are valuable. Empathy comes to mind as well.”

4. Creativity - “Creativity suggests vitality, not negativity. A nihilistic work isn't creative but rather destructive. One can certainly express dissatisfaction with the world through art, but merely reflecting what is bad is not enough.”

5. Communication - “Vagueness as a rule is unacceptable to Post Contemporary art.”

Graydon thinks of these five attributes as starting points. He hopes they bring “
lots of debate.”


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New Studio - Work Begins Anew

Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio opens in the new, renovated space with work on the latest moose antler sculpture, ‘Alces Madonna’.

The donnaconna cut shapes on wall, ceiling and placed around the studio help to dampen sound from the carving process, as does the carpet under the carving space.

Work begins in the newly renovated studio for Shane Wilson Sculpture

Work begins in the newly renovated studio on the latest moose antler sculpture.

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New Studio - Renovation Complete

Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio, outside shot, painted.
Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio, outside after installation of new front wall, window and doors.

Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio, inside shot, painted.
Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio, inside after renos and painting.

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New Studio - Renovation

Much was required to prepare the new studio: lighting, electrical upgrades, exits, heating and front and rear walls all needed attention. Tim Lawry and Karl Nordquist from TJ Lawry Construction performed the renos expertly, having created a marvellous new work space for Shane Wilson Sculpture.

Tim Lawry rough wires new lighting for the Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio.
Tim Lawry roughs in new lighting and receptacles for the Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio.

Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio doors, custom made.
Custom-made french doors for the studio, under construction.

Tim Lawry, TJ Lawry Construction, works on custom made french doors for the Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio.
Tim Lawry, TJ Lawry Construction, works on french doors for the Shane Wilson Sculpture Studio.

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Moving Studio

It is time to down tools and begin the move to the new studio. For the past six years, this has been a wonderful space, with fond memories of sculpture created and visitors to the studio. Looking forward to the new adventure ...

Time to set tools down and begin the move to the new studio.

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New Studio - Pre Renovation

The new studio for Shane Wilson Sculpture - outside.
The new studio for Shane Wilson Sculpture - outside, pre-renovation.

The new studio for Shane Wilson Sculpture - inside.
The new studio for Shane Wilson Sculpture - inside, pre-renovation.

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Kindergarden Clay (Plastercine) Class

I had the great pleasure of visiting my grandson’s kindergarden class this morning to share something of my art and to teach about making additive sculpture with plastercine. The next time we get together we’ll tackle subtractive sculpture in soap!

Talking about some of the materials used in my carved sculpture.

A proudly crafted coil pot.

Hard at work adding texture to a flattened coil.

A colourful star fish created with multicoloured plastercine.

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Shane Wilson Sculpture Limited - Corporate Signing

Time to celebrate a new phase in the life of Shane Wilson Sculpture: Shane Wilson Sculpture Limited.

Shane Wilson signs Shane Wilson Sculpture Limited shares
Shane Wilson signing the incorporation documents for Shane Wilson Sculpture Limited.

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