'Gaia, 2009' Unveiled in Haines Junction

LINK: Watch Shane's Artist Talk about Gaia

Mike Crawshay, Haines Junction Art Acquisition Committee
I don't know if everybody is here but we are six people: Julie Bauer, Patti Moore, Bridget Gatsby, Wolf Reidl, Eric Stinson and myself. It's one of the most fun committees I've ever been on because we just get to pic what we like. It really is fun. Lots of committees are all sorts of hard work but we give all the hard work to Darlene Sillery - she does all that stuff for us, and we basically get to pic what we like and we hope you like it too.

Say when! (Unveiling ... Applause)

Mike Crawshay and Wolf Riedl unveil 'Gaia', Nov 21, 2009
Mike Crawshay and Wolf Riedl unveil 'Gaia' (photo by Steve Osborne)

Come on out Shane. On behalf of the Art Acquisition Committee and the Community of Haines Junction, thank you! (Applause)

Would you like to say something about the work?

Moment of 'Gaia' Unveiling, Haines Junction, Nov 21, 2009
'Gaia' receives a warm welcome upon its unveiling in Haines Junction (photo by Steve Osborne)

Shane Wilson, Sculptor
It's an abstract piece, as you can see, with carved moose antlers and the skull is made out of bronze and the base is bronze as well. The antlers just attach onto the skull.

Before I go any further, though, I just want to thank the Art Acquisition Committee and Council for having the foresight to support the Arts.

Sculptor Shane Wilson explains 'Gaia' during artist's talk, Nov 21, 2009
Shane Wilson, Sculptor, explains some of the meaning of 'Gaia' during his artist's talk (photo by Steve Osborne)

It says so much about the community and it says so much about the community to the world, as well, that people here think art is important. I think that will bode well for the future of your community. People will want to be part of this community because of its interest in art and culture. Read More...

'Self Portrait, 2009' and 'Candle Ice, 1999' Unveiled at Yukon Arts Centre

LINK: Watch Shane's Artist Talk at the Yukon Arts Centre

Mary Bradshaw, Director, Yukon Arts Centre Gallery
Beside me here is Shane Wilson, as many of you know. He is a long-time Yukoner, although he has defected to Vancouver Island, B.C., although he still definitely has a strong connection here and we are really excited to have his pieces of art in our collection to share with you and Yukoners.

Shane Wilson, Sculptor, introduced by Mary Bradshaw, YAC Gallery Director (photo by Kathy Bowers)

Shane is a master carver in antler, bone, horn, mammoth tusk, stone and now bronze. This is actually my first time seeing his bronze work, so it's quite exciting.

Shane has donated "Candle Ice", which is just around the corner. This piece has been in our collection since December, 2008. We just quietly put it out there and so now is our official, "Look, here it is!" A brand new piece that's just, literally, finished this year, "Self Portrait", is on the plinth. That's musk ox horn, bronze and jade. Shane's going to talk about each of the pieces individually after I'm done here.

This piece here, with the moose antlers, is going to Haines Junction and we are just getting a sneak peak. It's official unveiling is Saturday in Haines Junction.

So, let me hand it over to Shane and just say, more than anything, maybe we can give him a really big hand of applause, it's just a really big thank you! Shane is tremendously kind, he's humble, and super talented and we're really excited to be working with him.

Piers McDonald and Shane Wilson, Sculptor, at YAC Gallery unveiling (photo by Jack Bowers)

Shane Wilson, Sculptor
Art, at least art as I know it, comes out of the right brain, so it's not language based. There are concepts and ideas that percolate in our right brains that come out as images, that come out as flashes of inspiration, that come out as all kinds of different things.

And my art, at least the art you are seeing here tonight, is primarily that, it's right brainish kind of stuff. And then what happens is that as you create it, sometimes you don't really know why, but as you go along your left brain figures out what you're doing and provides a narrative.

CHON Interview with Shane Wilson about Sculpture Unveilings

LINK: Listen to this CHON FM Radio interview on YouTube

Peter Novak, CHON FM Host - Canadian Roots
It's exactly sixteen minutes before one o'clock on Canadian Roots, from CHON FM.

This evening in Whitehorse, at the Yukon Arts Centre, there will be an unveiling of some new works of sculpture. Joining me now is the artist, Shane Wilson.

Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Preparation Room

'Self Portrait' and 'Gaia' are assembled in the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Preparation Room following their journey north to the Yukon, prior to the unveiling of 'Self Portrait' on November 18, 2009, at which 'Gaia' will also be featured.

'Self Portrait' and 'Gaia' in Preparation Room at Yukon Arts Centre

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Two Yukon Sculpture Unveilings

I'd like to share two Yukon unveilings to which you are invited:

In Whitehorse, November 18 at 7:00PM at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery, 'Self Portrait' by Shane Wilson will be unveiled. Two years in the making, 'Self Portrait' is a sculpture created from carved musk ox horns, a carved bronze wolf skull, resting on a jade base. 'Self Portrait' will be donated jointly by Earl Bennett and Shane Wilson, in full, to the Yukon Arts Centre Permanent Art Collection.

In Haines Junction, November 21, starting at 5:00PM, 'Gaia: A Moose Skullpture' by Shane Wilson will be unveiled. 'Gaia' is a large bronze and antler sculpture created for the Haines Junction Permanent Art Collection and will be donated in full by the artist. The unveiling is part of a larger community celebration.

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Olympic Torch Relay Reminds Of Canada Winter Games Torch Relay

I attended the Olympic Torch Relay when it passed through Nanaimo, B.C. on Halloween night, October 31, 2009. The final runner was a two time gold medal olympian, from Nanaimo.

Winter Olympic Torch Relay, Nanaimo, B.C. - October 31, 2009
I was reminded of the first Canada Winter Games Torch Relay I attended, in 2006. Ramish Ferris, pictured below, was carrying the Yukon Torch during the Deep Creek/Lake Lebarge Torch Relay.

Canada Winter Games Torch Relay - Lake Lebarge, Yukon, 2006
Ramish was carrying the torch prior to his cross-Canada marathon to raise money to help eradicate polio from the developing world.

Over the next few months, I hope to upload images and text from the 2007 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay. There are images from almost all of the communities of Canada's three northern territories: Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.
(caribou antler carving, caribou antler sculpture)

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Google Analytics - Visitors from 1500 Cities

Link to Google Analytics, Main Page

According to the Google Analytics software, visitors from 1500 cities located in 84 countries around the world have spent time here since March 10, 2009!

I find this a staggering testimonial to the power of the internet as a means of sharing art and ideas across geographic, cultural, political and language boundaries.

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Moose Antler Sculptor, Jim Clark, Visits Shane Wilson's Studio

Jim Clark, a fellow moose antler sculptor from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, stopped by my studio for a welcome visit this week.

Jim Clark and Shane Wilson, Masked Moose Antler Sculptors
Jim Clark and Shane Wilson, antler sculptors in masks and magnifiers

We had some very interesting discussions about antler carving and its place in the world of art, shared tips and techniques, tool suggestions and general encouragement.

Jim Clark, Moose Antler Sculptor, from Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Jim Clark, Moose Antler Sculptor at work.

We also spent some time talking about websites and the place of the internet in sharing one's art with the world.

Shane Wilson and Jim Clark discuss Shane Wilson Sculpture website
Shane Wilson and Jim Clark have a look behind the scenes at the Shane Wilson Sculpture website.

Jim's carving at the end of the week, his first effort in true relief moose antler carving! Way to go Jim!

Jim Clark, Moose Antler Sculptor, with carving, from Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Jim Clark and finished moose antler carving

Have a look at Jim's website for more images of his sculpture in moose antler.

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“Stolen, Returned, Conserved, Revealed: The Adventures of Yukon Seasons” - A Talk Delivered by Valery Monahan for the 35th Annual Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property Conference, Vancouver, B.C.

Valery Monahan, Conservator, Museums Unit, Tourism and Culture, YTG, restores the moose antler sculpture, 'Yukon Seasons'

Valery's talk gave details of the conservation treatment she used to restore Yukon Seasons, with a bit of context about the sculpture and its theft plus additional details of the modification of the mount and re-installation. The talk was essentially a shortened version of the notes provided below, using the same images. Talks at this conference are typically 20 minutes long.
(moose antler skull carving, moose antler skull sculpture)

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'Skullpture Series' - Unveiling in Permanent Home

Darlene Sillery, Acting CAO of the Municipality of Haines Junction, sends the following pics and commentary from the unveiling of the carved bronze Skullpture Series:

"The unveiling of the carved bronze Skullpture Series in Haines Junction, took place during a concert by Fred Eaglesmith at intermission.  The concert had 106 people in attendance, some of whom were present for the unveiling of the carved bronze sculpture and almost all dropped by during the intermission and following the concert to look at the sculpture.

Skullpture Series Unveiling in Display Cases, St Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon (carved bronze skulls)
The chair of the Art Acquisition Selection Committee, Councillor Mike Crawshay, spoke prior to unveiling the carved bronze sculpture. He explained the role of the Committee and talked about the four art acquisitions to date and the donation of the bronze Skullpture Series to the Village of Haines Junction.  He also explained the process that resulted in the bronze Skullpture Series display cabinets being built.

Skullpture Series Unveiling in Display Cases, St Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon (carved bronze skulls)
The bronze sculpture was covered with tablecloths draped from the stair railings. When these were lifted following Mike's talk, there were collective oohs and aahs all around!

Skullpture Series Unveiling in Display Cases, St Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon (carved bronze skulls)
The carved bronze Skullpture Series was very well received. The sculptures look stunning in their new cabinets!"

Skullpture Series Unveiling in Display Cases, St Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon (carved bronze skulls)
(bronze skullpture carving, bronze skull sculpture)

LINKS - Skullpture Series Information Sheets on Display:

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