Passing of a Patron - Lena Brulé

Lena Brulé wearing 'Monarch 1' by Shane Wilson (carved moose antler)
Lena Brulé wearing ‘Monarch I’ by Shane Wilson (carved moose antler)

It was with sadness that I learned recently of the passing of Lena Brulé, a long time resident of Faro, Yukon, and one of my first patrons.

'Butterfly for Linda' by Shane Wilson (carved caribou antler)
‘Butterfly for Linda’ by Shane Wilson (carved caribou antler pendant)

In the early 1990’s, Lena, a lover of butterflies, commissioned me to carve a small butterfly pendant for her daughter, Linda.
(My second carving, ever, it was my first attempt to create a relief-effect designed surface - above).

A year or so later, Lena offered me a second commission, a butterfly for herself (below).

'Monarch1' by Shane Wilson (carved moose antler)
Monarch I’, by Shane Wilson (carved moose antler brooch/pendant)

These commissions, although small, proved a significant encouragement to me as a fledgling artist, and for that I will always be grateful.

Rest in peace, Lena.

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Arizona Gourds Newsletter - January 2014

(Thank you Bonnie Gibson for the inclusion in the January 2014 Arizona Gourds Newsletter, Related Arts Feature!)

Arizona Gourds - Updates from the desert southwest - title bar

Arizona Gourds - Bone and Antler Carving - 1 - Jan 2014

Bone and Antler Carving
Shane Wilson of Canada is a true master of antler and bone carving.  The principles he uses in is work are very similar to those used in gourd carving.  Because antler and gourds aren't always thick, you have to learn to maximize the relief carving to give the greatest illusion of depth. 

In the you tube video he demos carving on a piece of mammoth ivory.  He uses a Foredom tool for heavy rough out and a micromotor tool for detail carving.  You can see more of his work on his

Arizona Gourds - Bone and Antler Carving - 2 - Jan 2014
“Short Eared Parliament” - Moose Antler carving by Shane Wilson

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Art Takes Times Square 2012, New York - Book

Art Takes Times Square 2012, book cover
(Art Takes Times Square, cover)

It was a great pleasure to participate in the 2012 happening, Art Takes Times Square. A book to commemorate the event has been published by the organizers and arrived today.

I enjoyed perusing the pages, appreciating images from around the world; a timely collection of artists’ work, hundreds strong, preserved for posterity.

Art Takes Times Square, ‘Celtic Confusion’ by Shane Wilson, p.102
(Art Takes Times Square, ‘Celtic Confusion’ by Shane Wilson, p.102)

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Discovery Channel - Nerve Centre, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

LINK: Nerve Centre - Season 3, Episode 1- FOUR SEASONS TORONTO HOTEL

Nerve Center had unparalleled behind the scenes access to the one of the most highly anticipated hotel launches in the history of the company.

Screenshot - Nerve Centre Webpage
(Screenshot - Discovery Channel’s ‘Nerve Centre’ Webpage)

Soaring 55 stories above Toronto's city skyline, the brand-new Four Seasons Hotel stands as a cutting-edge flagship for the iconic chain when it opened in early October 2012. Competition is stiff in Toronto with the recent launch of the 5-star Ritz-Carlton and the Trump International Hotel - and the Four Seasons' global reputation rides on the flawless opening of this high-profile home base.

The pressure is intense and the hotel's 400 staff members feel the heat!

Screenshot - Nerve Centre - Four Seasons Hotel1
(Screenshot from Discovery Channel’s ‘Nerve Centre’ - Dimitrios Zarikos briefs staff in front of ‘Candle Ice Two’ by Shane Wilson)

Veteran Four Seasons hotel general manager, Dimitrios Zarikos, is one-man walking and talking nerve centre.

Screenshot - Nerve Centre - Four Seasons Hotel2
(Screenshot from Discovery Channel’s ‘Nerve Centre’ - Dimitrios Zarikos mounts floating staircase with ‘Candle Ice Two’ by Shane Wilson on landing)

On a given day Zarikos has his hand in every detail - from staff uniforms, to tabletop designs, to guest amenities.

Screenshot - Nerve Centre - Four Seasons Hotel3
(Screenshot from Discovery Channel’s ‘Nerve Centre’ - view from second floor of floating staircase and ‘Candle Ice Two’ by Shane Wilson)

With the hotel's founder and chairman, Isadore Sharp watching closely, Zarikos needs to knock it out of the park. (from ‘Nerve Centre’ episode description)

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CTV Canada AM - Nerve Centre, Discovery Channel Interview with Dimitrios Zarikos

Dimitrios Zarikos, General Manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, is interviewed on CTV’s Canada AM about Discovery Channel’s ‘Nerve Centre’, featuring the work behind the scenes to open the flagship Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.

CTV's Canada AM interviews Dimitrios Zarikos about Discovery Channel feature Nerve Centre
Screenshot from CTV Canada AM interview with Dimitrios Zarikos

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