Shane Wilson carves 'Candle Ice'

“Makes me want to dance!” (referring to ‘Borealis and Oreithyia’)

Cyndi Frame
Victoria, British Columbia, 2014

“Consistently transcendent art!”

Lucinda Atwood
Vancouver, British Columbia, 2014

“Incredible workmanship coupled with an amazing mind. Absolutely mesmerizing.” (referring to ‘Dall Sheep 1’)

Kainzer Kurt, Sculptor
Hong Kong, China, 2014

“The patina on this is just yummy.” (referring to ‘Gaia’)

Rob Ingram, Artist
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2014

“Gothic beauty! Incredible skull art sculpture!” (referring to ‘Dall Sheep Duality’)

Richard Thomas Scott, Post Contemporary Figurative Painter
Connecticut, 2014

“Now that's a modern moose, style wise. And that's a compliment!" (referring to ‘Alces Madonna’)

Neil Graham, Artist
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2014

“Amazing! Mom and Baby ... Life ... Existence ... the Universe on a moose antler!” (referring to ‘Alces Madonna’)

Knut Wittfoth, Outdoorsman
Calgary, Alberta, 2014

“Okay, now you’ve killed me!” (referring to ‘Seahorses’)

Marilyn Dzaman, Gallerist and Founder,
Great Northern Arts Festival
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2014

“Wowza! I like the way your brain works!” (referring to ‘Seahorses’)

Geordon Handy, Antler Carver Jewelry Maker
Eugene, Oregon, 2013

“So magnificently original! Just damn cool.” (referring to the short eared owl bust on the centre of ‘Short Eared Parliament’)

Julie T. Chapman, Wildlife Painter
Missoula, Montana, 2013

“Incroyable! So glad you are not a painter!” (referring to ‘Skullpture Series: Human 1’)

Nathalie Parenteau, Painter
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2013

“My bones are aching for this, literally, my ribs hurt! It’s so beautiful.” (referring to ‘Self Portrait’)

Lonesomebones, Tumblr, 2012

"Everything you make is so brilliant."

Graydon Parrish, Post Contemporary Painter
Austin, Texas, 2012

"'Candle Ice Two' is a show stopper! Shane's style is unique and proudly Canadian, just like us!"

Dimitrios Zarikos, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, 2012

"'Candle Ice Two' is an exceptionally stunning and magical art work. Shane's craftsmanship, skill and artistry have combined to create a sculpture that we are extremely honoured and thrilled to place in the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto's contemporary art collection."

James Robertson, President of James Robertson Art Consultants, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, 2012

"I just returned from a walk to Lake Laberge to see if I could catch the candle ice before it moves into the winter solid. Only once in my 10 years out here have I happened upon it; the sound so pure brought me nearly to tears. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, Shane."

Katie Swales
Lake Laberge, Yukon, 2012

“These beautiful wolf sculptures ['Five Wolves'] truly capture the spirit and beauty of an animal that means a great deal to me.”

April Christofferson, Author Alpha Female
Lolo, Montana, 2011

"LOVE THIS! Totally off the hinges, man, I have a feeling people will still be looking at 'Dall Sheep Duality' 1000 years from now and saying, 'Whoa!!' This sculpture answers the age-old question: 'What do you get for that Norse God who has everything?' "

Vinny Vanchesco/Vaughn Warren, Sculptor
Kamloops, British Columbia, 2011

"The highly innovative and intricate carvings in antler by Shane Wilson combine the natural elements of the material and wildlife with abstract symbols. The resulting sculpture attains a definite sense of both traditional and contemporary sensibilities."

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival: Sculpted Dimensions Exhibition
Buckhorn, Ontario, 2011

"Shane Wilson’s sculptures are enchanting -- enchanting in the sense that his creations not only carry magic, but also catch the viewer wide-eyed and spellbound. He has the intuitive eye of an artist and works with the intricacy of a storyteller."

Gillian Sze, Poet and Co-Editor of
Branch Magazine
Montreal, Quebec, 2011

"Add me to the list of admirers of Shane's work.  He is taking carving to a new and exciting level.  Although many of his designs are incredibly intricate, the strong simplicity/impact of the whole doesn't get lost---artistically, that's quite a tricky tightrope to walk and Shane does it with a cool mastery.  I look forward to more of his explorations."

Randal M. Dutra, Painter and Sculptor
Castro Valley, California, 2011

"His works not only convey the visionary qualities which have defined our greatest artists, but also express a new and original understanding of art and the natural world."

Joel Irwin, Algonquin Arts Centre
Huntsville, Ontario, 2011

"Shane Wilson's art always seems fresh and surprising ... words that seldom apply to the vast majority of art turned out these days."

Robert Bateman, Artist
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, 2010

"Art and nature form a breathtaking confluence in the extraordinary, evocative portfolio of Canadian carver-sculptor Shane Wilson. His work defies the language of genre. It is wild, visceral, engaging and, sometimes, jarringly awakening. You want original wildlife art? Well, here it is."

Todd Wilkinson, Author, Journalist and Editor of
Wildlife Art Journal
Boseman, Montana, 2010

"Pure, expressive design."

David J. Wagner, Ph.D
Art Historian and Author of
American Wildlife Art
Milwaulkee, Wisconsin, 2010

"Your work is absolutely riveting ...the hair on the back of my neck is standing up!"

David Gutnick, Reporter - Sounds Like Canada/The Sunday Edition
CBC Radio One
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2007

"Your carved antlers have such a redeeming quality ... for me they reflect a glimpse of the deep true nature of this planet."

Grace de la Luna, Curator
Illuseum Gallery
Amsterdam, Holland, 2005

"Your work is pure genius."

Aidan Meehan, Celtic Artist and Author of the Celtic Design Book Series
Vancouver, British Columbia, 2010

"Moose antlers shatter into ice fragments or melt into Celtic knots, metamorphosed by the magic of Shane Wilson's blades."

Gunnar Blodget, Writer and New Media Designer
Great Northern Arts Festival
Inuvik, NWT. 1998

"Beautiful carving ... [Sheila and I] greatly admire this wonderful work of art."

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, 2004

"The best antler carver in the world."

Sherman Hines, Photographer and Publisher
Poplar Grove, Nova Scotia, 2010

"Magnificent ... Shane Wilson's ability and attention to detail will astound you."

Dennis Campbell, President and Editor, Grand Slam Club
Birmingham, Alabama, 2001

"I have studied with other carvers that are well known in the world, but I would consider Shane to be the best I have ever seen."

Keith Levoir, Collector, Businessman and Avian Artist
Okotoks, Alberta, 2010

"Absolutely original!"

Rick Taylor, Wildlife Bronze Artist
Reno, Nevada 2000

"A lot excites me about Shane's work. His pieces appeal equally to urbanites that do not hunt. This may sound contradictory, but I love the storytelling/narrative in his abstract pieces."

Mary Bradshaw, Director
Yukon Arts Centre Gallery
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2010

“I was an athlete at the Canada Winter Games last week, and I just wanted to thank you for your incredible contribution. The torches are among the greatest works of art I've ever seen ... The mood and detail you've captured is astounding. It was wonderful to have such amazing creations be the trigger for the Games ... Thank you so much!"

Alana Westwood, Badminton
University of Winnepeg,
Winnepeg, Manitoba, 2007

"Three stunning Torches bring the spirit of the Games to every region of Canada's Territories."

The Canada Winter Games Host Society
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2006

"Nice torch" ... "Nice carving" ... "Wow" ... "Impressive"

Participants in the Pangnirtung CWG Torch Relay and Auyuiituq National Park CWG Torch Challenge
Pagnirtung, Nunavut, 2006

"Your skullptures are spectacular ... they really are unique and beautiful."

Barbara Lukwinski, Bronze and Patination Artist and Instructor
Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2007

"Wicked! ... [Your] skulls are awesome."

Leila Shahin, Art Lover
Fort McMurray, Alberta, 2007

"Your skullptures remind me of miniature Henry Moores."

Gerald L. Kortello, Artist and Sculptor
Norquay, Saskatchewan, 2007

"[Yukon Seasons] truly is a Picasso for the Yukon Territory ... an unbelievable sculpture and a unique work of art!"

Chris Marinello, Executive Director & General Counsel
The Art Loss Register, New York, U.S.A., 2008

"Shane Wilson is one of the most extraordinary and inspirational artists of our time ... a Canadian icon!"

Sarina Condello, The Barefoot Dancer
Toronto, Canada, 2008

“The caribou antler, traditional carving techniques and design of these torches are definitely outside the usual slick approaches for Olympic torch design, but who cares when the departure is so interesting. A fitting design for the Canada Winter Games, they all feel completely Canadian.”

Todd Falkowsky, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design
Ontario College of Art and Design and
Co-Founder of Motherbrand and Canadian Design Resource
Toronto, Ontario, 2008

“It'll be hard for anyone interested in creating culturally relevant torches to hold a candle to these.”

Hollister H. Hovey, Design Blogger
Brooklyn, New York, 2008


Ruth McCullough, Artist and Retired Visual Arts Co-ordinator, Yukon Government
'on the recovery of Yukon Seasons'
Whitehorse, Yukon, 2008

“Incredibly intricate ... by far the best antler carving we've ever seen.”

Aaron and Jill Bork
Alaska Antler Works
Anchorage, Alaska, 2004

“Check out Shane Wilson Sculpture to see a real master.”

Wilfred Charbonneau, Antler Carver
Woodcarving Illustrated, Carvers Forum
Clifton Park, New York, 2007

"The best antler carver I have encountered, incredible work!"

Cavin Richie, Bronze Wildlife Jeweler and Carver
Port Townsend, Washington, 2007